↓Deutsch Ratatouille is a vegetable stew from the Provençal cuisine, specifically from Nice. There is a recipe for this that is binding for the haute cuisine, but I have changed…

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McRib replica – McRib Nachbau

↓Deutsch The McRib was sold for the first time in 1981, so from 1985 it was also available in all McDonalds branches in Germany. Long after I found this company's…

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Asparagus pancakes – Spargelpfannkuchen

↓Deutsch This is a variation on the classic ham, asparagus, boiled potatoes with hollandaise sauce. In Baden-Wurttemberg, potatoes are often replaced with "Chratzete", which are torn pancakes. Then why not…

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Cordon bleu

↓Deutsch The cordon bleu is said to be a Swiss invention. The idea cannot be dismissed out of hand, as Switzerland is known for good veal and tasty cheese. In…

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