Herring salad – Heringsalat

↓Deutsch Herring salad in earlier times was a typical poor man’s food. Apples, onions and gherkins there were always, sour cream was created automatically by superimposed milk and herring was…

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Shrimp salad – Garnelensalat

↓Deutsch This is a typical delicatessen salad that is offered in many refrigerated shelves in supermarkets. The sauce usually consists of some kind of diluted mayonnaise. In addition, various additives…

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Chicken Salad – Geflügelsalat

↓Deutsch Chicken salad is a deli salad, which you can find in every German supermarket side by side with the Fleischsalat. The problem is, they boil the chicken breast so…

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↓Deutsch The direct translation meat salad is misleading. It’s not made with meat but with Lyoner, a very finely grounded boiled sausage from pork, veal or poultry, often in a…

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Egg salad – Eiersalat

↓Deutsch Egg salad is one of my Trinity to jacket potatoes with Fleischsalat and chicken salad. And it stands together with meat salad and chicken salad in the deli corner…

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