[caption id="attachment_8883" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Ragù from lamb.Ragù aus Lammfleisch.[/caption] ↓Deutsch Almost all over the world this is known as either ragù bolognese or sauce bolognese, preferably with spaghetti. The Bologna…

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Road kill chicken

↓Deutsch A chicken is round, a grill is flat. Those are the conditions. That's why professional chicken roasters grill them on rotisserie skewers. What do you do if you don't…

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Duck ala Miss Jensen – Ente ala Fräulein Jensen

[caption id="attachment_8407" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Miss Jensen duck with stuffing, Brussels sprouts and potato dumpling.Frl. Jensen Ente mit Füllung, Rosenkohl und Kartoffelknödel.[/caption] ↓Deutsch The recipe of the „cold“ fried duck Miss…

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St. Martin’s goose – Martinsgans

↓Deutsch At 11th November traditionally there is the St. Martin's goose all over Germany. Since we are only a 2 person household, I usually use goose legs, sometimes stuffed. Searching…

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Coq au Riesling

↓Deutsch I think chicken in a wine sauce is available in all European countries where wine is grown. Let's start in Germany with the Woihinkelsche. This is traditionally cooked either…

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