Potato soup – Kartoffelsuppe

[caption id="attachment_8036" align="alignnone" width="1200"] A Palatinate specialty is the combination of potato soup with plum cake. Here still in style with a Riesling spritzer.Eine Pfälzer Besonderheit ist die Kombination der…

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Rutabaga stew – Steckrübeneintopf

↓Deutsch Rutabaga unfortunately have a bad reputation in Germany, which still stems from the notorious rutabaga winter 1916/1917 in Germany during the First World War. Even in the first years…

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Chili con carne

↓Deutsch Chili con carne is not a Mexican dish, it is much more part of the Tex-Mex cuisine in the southern United States. The ingredients are only meat and chili…

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German pea pot – Erbseneintopf

[caption id="attachment_8311" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Since I didn't want to save 50 g of dried peas, the whole thing was a little creamier.Da ich nicht noch 50 g Trockenerbsen aufheben wollte,…

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Pumpkin soup – Kürbissuppe

↓Deutsch Pumpkin is a vegetable that needs for my opinion very strong spices to taste reasonably well. In this case, the main taste comes from Indian curry powder. 2 servings…

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Broken beans – Brockelbohnen

↓Deutsch This is an especially popular stew in the Palatinate, because it makes his second name pepper beans all honor. Both pepper and savory give the dish a certain sharpness…

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↓Deutsch In contrast to the minestra, which is eaten in a wide variety of forms throughout Italy, the minestrone is limited to northern Italy and is one of the primo…

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