Greek grill plate – Griechischer Grillteller

[caption id="attachment_8639" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Small selection of the Greek plate only with pan gyros and bifteki.Kleine Auswahl des Griechentellers nur mit Pfannengyros und Bifteki.[/caption] ↓Deutsch This is a typical meal…

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Lamb shank – Lammhaxe

↓Deutsch This is not the leg of lamb, but rather the cone-shaped pieces between the leg and feet. The preparation is very similar to my various beef roast gravies. A…

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Lamb sugo – Lammsugo

The lamb sugo is one of many dishes that arise from the ragu napoletana. Either you chop up all the meats or you separate them by type. I used all…

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Ragu napoletana

↓Deutsch I got the idea for the recipe from a post by Domenico Gentile on Facebook. As he himself writes, there is a basic framework of ingredients for this, but…

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