Chili beans – Chilibohnen

↓Deutsch My chili beans are somewhat similar to the baked beans. Baked beans, in their simplest form, are white beans in tomato sauce. On the other hand, if you take…

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Beef hammer

↓Deutsch A real men's meal (also suitable for butcher's shop assistants 😎) is the beef hammer. The piece is cut from the boned shank, i.e. the place where the leg…

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Chili con carne

↓Deutsch Chili con carne is not a Mexican dish, it is much more part of the Tex-Mex cuisine in the southern United States. The ingredients are only meat and chili…

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↓Deutsch Are Hamburger from Hamburg? Probably Frikadellen are from Germany. And probably in earlier times the baker and the not the butcher wins (=more bread than meat). That might have…

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McRib replica – McRib Nachbau

↓Deutsch The McRib was sold for the first time in 1981, so from 1985 it was also available in all McDonalds branches in Germany. Long after I found this company's…

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↓Deutsch Tacos come from the TexMex cuisine of the southern USA. You can make them yourself with cornmeal and water, but you'll need a taco press. For me it's frills,…

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