↓Deutsch Sarma are commonly translated as Serbian cabbage rolls, but can be found everywhere in the Yugoslavian successor states. In contrast to the cabbage rolls with fresh white cabbage that…

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Cabbage rolls – Kohlrouladen

↓Deutsch The stuffed cabbage, although reported in Germany as a typical German dish, is also known by our eastern neighbors in Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary and the former…

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Stuffed peppers – Gefüllte Paprika

[caption id="attachment_8278" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Alternative lid with feta.Alternativer Deckel mit Feta.[/caption] ↓Deutsch To stuff vegetables, might have been invented independently anywhere in the world. The present form comes from the…

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↓Deutsch Are Hamburger from Hamburg? Probably Frikadellen are from Germany. And probably in earlier times the baker and the not the butcher wins (=more bread than meat). That might have…

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