↓Deutsch Currywurst is one of the most popular snacks in Germany. The invention was attributed to Herta Heuwer, Berlin 1949. In this time natural casings were rare, so her butcher…

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↓Deutsch What should not be missing at any Italian festival is the small pig, the porccetta. Originally, this is simply a suckling pig that has had all its bones removed,…

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Salt cake on the left without and on the right with bacon cubes. Salzekuchen links ohne und rechts mit Speckwürfel.

Salt cake – Salzekuchen, Blatz oder Bloaz

[caption id="attachment_9453" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Salt cake on the left without and on the right with bacon cubes.Salzekuchen links ohne und rechts mit Speckwürfel.[/caption] ↓Deutsch This dish is mainly found in…

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Pasta alla napoletana

↓Deutsch This pasta is with the easiest tomato sauce ever. In Germany often cooked with tons of herbs but that’s not common in Italy. At most, some basil or parsley…

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